Keith Winn: 40+ years working with financial institutions. Motorcycle Coach & Rider. Joe Winn: Millennial geek environmentalist. Flies drones. Karate Sensei. (Also rides motorcycles)

We are the leadership of GreenProfit Solutions.
(And yes, we’re father and son!)

You love serving your base. You’re all about improving the communities you serve. And, of course, that only happens when you grow and increase revenues. We get it. That’s why we help financial institutions like yours do just that.

How? With the right tools and the right information.

We help you reduce threats, and turn them into opportunities.

Threat Solution
Losing auto loans to the web and dealers Keep borrowers close with a branded car buying service
Losing checking accounts to Fintechs or large institutions Maximize loyalty with Value-Added Checking
Stagnant or reduced revenue from non-interest income Protection programs with a true 100% revenue partnership
Lacking an honest lens into trends and challenges within industry Gain trusted insights at our Learning Library

We’ve never seen change as much as today. What was rapidly-evolving and complex yesterday is light-speed now. You have concerns, questions, and more. Our Learning Library and in-depth eBooks are here for you.

What will tomorrow look like? Our crystal ball is a bit fuzzy, however, we know a few things for sure: Digital transformation is a must. Remote service has to rival or exceed in-person experiences. Your competition is rushing to meet those expectations.

We realize our solutions may not be a fit for every institution. Our goal is to create the most useful learning center for credit unions and banks so you can make a completely informed decision.

If you want to learn more about how we can help your financial institution, join us in a short web meeting to see how our solutions may be a fit.

PS – Looking to become a safer rider, or just need a motorcycle buddy? Keith is there!

PPS – Want to learn how to balance and kick like Joe? Easy! Watch his series.

PPPS – These are jokes. Mostly.