Interested in Starting a Conversation?

This is the point where you gained enough comfort with us that you’re thinking about reaching out. Thanks, and hello!

Please choose the topics you’d like to discuss so we can ensure everyone is on the same page. Here’s how it typically works:

Web Meetings
You’ll absolutely be as happy as them!
  1. You fill out this form. (Yep, now if you’d like!)
  2. We reach out to confirm your interest and arrange a mutually-agreeable time.
  3. We’ll follow up with an agenda, which includes everything to be discussed as well as how long everyone will set aside. (Your time matters!)
    • Feel free to modify that agenda if you have specific concerns or questions.
  4. Once all is set and agreed, you eagerly look forward to the scheduled time (Right?).
  5. The meeting happens over phone or web platform (we’ll make sure it works ahead of time). It’s relaxed, no-obligation, and allows you to determine what the next steps might be.

Sound good? Perfect. Ball’s in your court!