Once upon a time, checking was a bad word.  All the big banks offered it, but you knew there would be fees piled on fees.  Then came the answer…free checking.  Local institutions took free checking and some made it part of their mission.  Chances are, your institution offers a free checking program today.

But today, free checking is simply a commodity. It’s no longer as “sticky” as it once was, and “interest”? With rates being so insignificant, they’re between a joke and an insult to your depositors.  Value Checking is the future…and a recent study indicates how easy it would be for Amazon or other large FinTechs to steal your accounts.

What if you could truly help accountholders and offer the best checking program available? All while generating $51* per year in net income on 80% of the accounts you have today?

How many personal checking accounts do you have today?  Take 80%.  Multiply that by $51.  That’s significant one time, and we can show you how to do it year after year after year. Over 500 financial institutions, just like yours, trust in the Secure Checking program to bring value to both their accountholders and institution.

Our no-obligation web meeting will help you quickly determine if the solution might be a fit for your institution.  Listen and learn for just 15 minutes, and we’re confident you will want to get the full story on how this program can benefit your accountholders and your bottom line.

*Average revenue generated by portfolio 2017