Create Subscription Revenue

Did you know the average Gen Zer spends $377 per month on subscription services? Even Boomers spend $200! Meanwhile, your checking program is free and boring.

Bring positive attention to your checking by giving it massive value. Imagine if your checking account offered ID Theft Protection, cell phone coverage, dining savings, and prescription drug discounts. And it was all part of a single Value-Added Checking monthly subscription that generated nearly $50 per member, annually.

Drive massive revenues for your credit union, while better achieving your mission. As part of our Mission-Focused Toolkit, Value-Added Checking is an important tool to eliminating punitive fee structures.

Free Checking & Your Mission

Does Free Checking satisfy your credit union’s mission? Sure, it’s free for most, yet someone pays to keep the program running, especially through overdraft and NSF fees. Who? Often your most vulnerable members. This challenge even has the attention of the CFPB and state regulatory commissions.

It’s no coincidence numerous large banks and a range of credit unions are implementing “free overdraft” or “reduced fees”. They’re pre-empting regulations while also getting the positive PR. But how do they handle that lost fee income?

That’s where your Free Checking comes in.

While app-based Fintechs were designed from the ground up to have zero fees, your credit union was not. Value-Added Checking provides that offset, and often far more revenue, while eliminating punitive fees.

Differentiate & Profit With Value

Give your checking account the shine it deserves with a Value-Added varnish. Then, beyond the subscription revenues, enjoy the increased interchange revenues on your now top-of-wallet debit cards!

As a research-based company, we did our homework. Our Essential Guide to Checking Ebook dives deep into where these accounts originated, how they’re funded, and what people want from them. And if that’s not enough, more can be found in our Learning Library, an ever-evolving repository of honest industry insights.

Checking With More

Bring your checking account into the 21st century. Create a new revenue source. Eliminate punitive fee structures. Live your mission. Value-Added Checking helps you make all this happen.

Learn about Value-Added Checking and determine if it might be a fit for your institution: