“You’re Special to Us” – Auto Loan Protection Series


As online loan closing grows:

  • Are ancillary product sales down?
  • Wish you could better explain¬†protection options?
  • Protect against delinquency with your products!

This free video series bridges the digital gap.

You're Special to Us
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Highlight your protection options with short, engaging videos.

Videos highlight:

  • Fully Protected Loan: How creating a solution for your member benefits them
  • Depreciation Coverage: A large down payment (equity) can be lost even if GAP does its job
  • GAP: What it is and how they can avoid paying for a car they no longer have
  • Payment Protection: Share how their loan gets paid in event of disability or death
  • VSC: Car repairs can get expensive. Present an easy way to help cover those unexpected costs

They're perfect for your members, whether you use our products or not! And always free to use. Watch the teaser!

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