Auto Loan Growth End-to-End Strategy


Engage Members At “I Need A Car” 

  • Reach Millennials & Gen Z researching financing ahead of time
  • 80%+ use 3rd party car buying sites…with their own financing
  • Educate on your protection products
  • Book more loans and grow non-interest income
  • Use your data to provide faster and simpler loan offerings

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Members who start their car research with the credit union stay close for financing…and more.

What you can do right now:

  • Amp up your auto loans website for member action
  • Review your auto loan application for ease-of-use and speed
  • Discover where your members are really going for their lending research

If you're like most credit unions, these are just a few of challenges. Discover strategic solutions!

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Auto Loan Acquisition End-to-End Strategy Cheat Sheet Cover