Nearly 2/3 of Americans Fail Basic Financial Literacy*

You’ve got the tools and dedication, yet efforts taken by credit unions and community banks are under-utilized.

It’s not surprising.  People seek a reward for their work, and education on its own is a difficult goal.

So we built Learn4Saving.

What is it?  We brought the traffic school model to financial literacy. Receive a fine? Have an opportunity to get it waived by taking an education course. Their goal? Safer drivers. Our goal? Same as yours: Financially-literate members.

Educate. Excite.

Learn4Saving exists to assist your members:

  • Analyze current spending and savings habits, challenges, and opportunities
  • Offer tips for cutting spending and increasing savings
  • Educate on payment methods and record-keeping guidelines

The 60 minute course contains 5 lessons, with a short quiz after each section. At the end of the course, the user must pass (80% or higher) a 20 question final review exam. After they’re finished, the system will generate a Completion Certificate.

Rewarding Growth.

Upon confirmation of a completed course, we recommend waiving one Overdraft, NSF fee or offering credit towards a rewards program.  Consider their learning an investment…in an ongoing member relationship. Prepare them for future financial goals, then help accomplish each milestone through your existing offerings. Saving members money and furthering your mission of financial education? Yes, that was a cheer from your marketing department.

The Learn4Saving course is offered at NO COST to your financial institution and your accountholders.

* National Capability Study by the FINRA Foundation, which surveyed 27,564 Americans, from June through October of last year. FINRA is a quasi-government organization that regulates brokers and Wall Street.

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