cuZOOMA service of GreenProfit Solutions

Is your credit union losing auto loans to the web?

Chances are the answer is YES.  Why? 96% of members start their car shopping online at old, established websites such as Autotrader, Kelly Blue Book, and NADA Guides… and are directed to Lending Tree. And yes, again, this only grew post COVID.

That sucks…for your credit union.

Not only does your credit union miss out on the loan; it also forfeits the potential revenues from ancillary products, such as credit insurance, GAP, and Vehicle Service Contracts. Are your members protected? Did they get a good deal? Who knows?

That really sucks.

There’s a Solution

cuZOOM! is our exclusive product suite. We built it to do three things for your credit union and members:

  • Attract…new borrowers
  • Engage…members and staff
  • Protect…your institution and members from unexpected challenges

In other words, to make your auto lending prospects not suck. How?

Now, that doesn’t all!

Discover cuZOOM! for your Credit Union.