Members rarely take advantage of everything your credit union has to offer.  We took this as a challenge.  To help build member engagement and wallet share, we built a solution platform called cuZOOM.  Consider us your business development partner.

Our specialties include:

Member Acquisition

  • Whether through organic or promoted efforts, we help you build your membership, profitably.

Increased Member Engagement (You call it “wallet share”)

  • A member with just a $25 share account is hardly an engaged member.  Our programs target these “dormant” members and help you become top of mind and wallet.

Growth in Auto Lending (Direct & Indirect)

  • Your members are going online to find a car.  If you’re not their first stop, the chance of booking that loan diminishes greatly.
  • Happy with your indirect platform?  What about how those members stick around after the loan ends?  Our programs bring them close from the beginning and keep them active long after the car is replaced.

Learn more about our entire credit union business development suite at our dedicated cuZOOM site.