Keeping Auto Loan LTVs Accurate With Monroney Labels

Chevy Volt Monroney Label Window Sticker

What’s a sticker got to do with your loan portfolio? A lot, if it’s the right sticker. You know the one. The ubiquitous piece of new car design, always visible on that passenger window. It even has a name: Monroney labels Did you know it was named after a U.S….

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What is Inbound Marketing? (And How It Helps Your Credit Union in 2023)

People Smiling in Meeting

The financial services landscape is changing faster than ever before. Consumer expectations are evolving along with it. Is your institution keeping up? Let’s be honest. Banking isn’t the sexiest industry. And we understand the current challenges are enormous. Despite that, you can still excite customers with your story. It begins…

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What is Collateral Protection Insurance (CPI)?

Umbrella Protecting Money

Uninsured collateral? You’ve got options. Hey, you booked an auto loan! That’s wonderful. I bet your financial institution requires insurance on this asset. And your loan agreement states it must be secured and maintained for the life of the loan, right? Why? Because the car is also the collateral. So…

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What is Depreciation Coverage? (Definition, Benefits, & Getting Started)

Chalkboard with Depreciation Coverage

Your financial institution checks all the boxes: Reducing risk, protecting borrowers and generating non-interest income. With a suite of services, every possible scenario has an offering to match: Seems like you’ve covered it all. Except…what about protecting against Depreciation? It’s more than just a GAP claim driver. Depreciation creates risks…

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