Loan Participations: What Your Financial Institution Needs to Know

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Considering Loan Participations for your financial institution? Not sure what they even are? Want to learn the pros and cons? Curious about the process for setting them up? You’re in the right place. This article will give a basic introduction, review the possible perks and pitfalls, and cover what’s involved…

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Universal Bankers: 7 Pros & Cons (2022 Update)

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“Why train your employees to be great at apologizing when you can empower them to be great at solving problems?” Joe Winn There’s a New Banker in Town The age of the teller might be coming to an end. We’re not the only one to say it. According to Bureau…

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Credit Union Car Buying Services – Pros & Cons

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Car Shopping: Credit Union Members Do It That’s exceedingly obvious. Of course members shop for their cars! Only, where? If they’re anything like 95% of people, they go online. To car buying websites. And do those car buying services direct them to your credit union for loans? That’s a hard…

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Vehicle Service Contract Programs: Pros, Cons, & Finding the Best Fit

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Is VSC Right For Your Credit Union? Vehicle Service Contract (VSC) programs. Extended warranties. Mechanical Breakdown insurance. Different names. Same class of protection. And commonly offered alongside auto loans, with the other mainstays of credit insurance and GAP coverage. So, is it worth it? For simplicity, we’re going to refer…

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Depreciation Coverage: Pros, Cons, & Considerations

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What’s All This About Protecting Against Depreciation? This probably isn’t the first time you’re hearing that term. Depreciation coverage is making inroads within the auto lending sector. Naturally, you’re looking for some quality info on it. What is it? Should our institution offer? What are the pros and cons of…

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