5 Steps to Increase Credit Union Engagement Marketing

5 Steps Engagement Marketing Cover

Attract and retain members with engaging benefits and a plan to educate people about them! Editor’s note: This is based on a post from our colleague, Trae Turner, from StrategyCorps (as are the images). We couldn’t resist adapting a “5 steps” article; that’s our thing! In a time of economic…

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Fee Schedules: When Was Your Last Peek?

Credit Union Fee Schedules

“Credit unions are different. Our members are the owners, and since we don’t answer to shareholders, we’re able to offer lower rates & fees.” That’s been the siren song of credit unions for generations. Is it still true? And do your target audiences, or even members, care? Borrowing rates are…

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What is Value-Added Checking? (Definition & Benefits)

Couple Looking At Phone While Laughing

Checking is Checking is Checking? At least it used to be. There’s a lot more to the “bread-and-butter” account of most financial institutions. Whether offering Free Checking, a standard fee-based checking account, Rewards Checking, or new Value-Added Checking (also known as “subscription checking”), decisions must be made to retain account…

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