5 Steps to a Sweet GAP Program

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Take your Guaranteed Asset Protection to New Levels Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) is simple! Right? It’s great at generating non-interest income and protecting your loan portfolio (along with your members). Yet keeping it all “above water” may not be as easy as you think. We put together 5 recommendations to…

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Guaranteed Asset Protection: 5 Common Misconceptions Costing You Money

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Think Guaranteed Asset Protection is Simple? Misconception. Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) is two things: A risk-management tool and non-interest income generator. But why does it even exist? During the 1980s, high-interest rates along with increased rates of vehicle depreciation spurred the introduction of GAP coverage. With interest rates rising (not…

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Best Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) Providers in 2022

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What’s Awesome About Your GAP Program? Is your GAP (Guaranteed Asset Protection) program exceeding goals and delivering the bottom line results you want? Does your staff clearly understand what the benefits are (and are not) and able to fully explain to your borrowers? Maybe, but probably not. That’s why you’re…

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