How Your Checking Accounts Can Drive Financial Empowerment

VISA and MasterCard In Wallet

You provide super powers for account holders. Really. Consider your checking account. It enables someone to pay anyone they need on a recurring schedule or directly in the moment. Plus, the funds are guaranteed safe against fraud and theft. Sure, we take it for granted, but you are providing an…

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Doing Is Better – Financial Empowerment Edition

Helping Small Child Walk Up Tree Trunk

How did you learn to drive? Watch YouTube videos until you felt ready to take on the highways? Read a book series with descriptions of stick shifts and windshield wiper switches? Of course not. You got in a car and did it. Sure, you had some help along the way….

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7 Ways to Increase Checking Account Revenue (Things You SHOULD Know)

Marker Drawing Blue Revenue

If you’re here, you’re looking for ways to increase your bank or credit union’s non-interest income/revenue. You’re in the right place. So, what can you do to increase revenue per account? Here’s a quick way: Impose and/or Raise fees. Hmm? Are those pitchfork-wielding mobs at your branches? Angry account holders…

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