Costs of a Data Management System for Your Credit Union or Bank

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The question of “should we implement a data management system?” is already answered. Yes. Yes. And yes. So what’s holding up progress? Oh right, all the unknown costs. What does the system cost? Are there hidden charges? What about ongoing expenses? We’re going to answer all of these cost-related questions…

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Pros & Cons of Data Management Systems You Need to Know

Data Cycle Across Devices and Cloud

Your financial institution has more data on your account holders than Amazon does on their customers. How are you taking advantage of that superpower? If you’re like most institutions, you have a kryptonite standing in the way. Your data is not in a form you can use to create x-ray…

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Keeping Account Holders Close: How Loyalty Efforts Drive Engagement

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What costs more: Getting a new member or keeping an existing one? You know that answer. Your greatest pool of opportunities for new products and services come from your existing account holders. It’s way more profitable to keep an existing customer than to acquire a new one. Yet today, that’s…

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Best Data Management System Vendors for Banks and Credit Unions

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Data. Your institution has lots and lots (and lots) of it. Every day, you capture more. And this goes beyond account holder transaction activity (of which there’s a lot). Data builds in the form of car loan applications, whether approved (and abandoned), denied, or booked. Then you must consider all…

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