Costs of a Data Management System for Your Credit Union or Bank

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The question of “should we implement a data management system?” is already answered. Yes. Yes. And yes. So what’s holding up progress? Oh right, all the unknown costs. What does the system cost? Are there hidden charges? What about ongoing expenses? We’re going to answer all of these cost-related questions…

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9 Top Questions About Executive Long Term Care Insurance

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Your executive benefit package includes a range of services to help attract, retain, and reward their service. Just like your financial institution’s product portfolio, it helps to meet a diverse range of needs. One of those might be Long-term care insurance. This article will discuss what Long-term care insurance is…

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Keeping Auto Loan LTVs Accurate With Monroney Labels

Chevy Volt Monroney Label Window Sticker

What’s a sticker got to do with your loan portfolio? A lot, if it’s the right sticker. You know the one. The ubiquitous piece of new car design, always visible on that passenger window. It even has a name: Monroney labels Did you know it was named after a U.S….

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Credit Insurance At Your Financial Institution (2022 Benefits & Advantages)

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Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. If 2020-onward taught us one thing, it should be that. Challenges for your institution and your borrowers can arise without warning. A loan offered today with all the due diligence imaginable might be tomorrow’s write-off. Sadly, one accident, health condition, or other malady can affect a person’s…

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