A Banker’s Guide To Improve Email Marketing

Email Marketing Data Charts

You have 5 seconds to think up the best medium for engaging your prospective audience. And…go! So, what ideas came out? Bicycle courier. Ok, that’s good, if a bit limited in scale. Messenger pigeon. A brilliant idea if they weren’t extinct. Telepathic ads. I sincerely hope that’s never a thing….

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Are RFP’s Dead Yet? They Should Be. Here’s Why.

Compliance Checklist in Notebook

What is an RFP? RFP is the acronym for Request For Proposal. It’s a term heard often in connection with your vendor relationships. We’re on a mission to take them down. And by the end of this article, you’ll want to help. Take an adventure with us. Oh, here’s our…

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Paid Social Media Marketing for Financial Institution Growth

Money iPhone Calculator and Mac

Organic social media marketing is a valuable tool. Sometimes, it’s not enough. That’s where paid social media marketing can help you achieve your financial institution goals. Let’s talk about how they work together. Think about your social media strategies as a building. Organic is the structure, forming the walls, rooms,…

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SEO That Will Help Grow Your Financial Institution

Search Engine Optimization Gears

When SEO Was “Easy” SEO, or search engine optimization, goes back to the earliest days of the internet. Even then, people wanted their content to be easily discoverable. They used a range of strategies to encourage, and sometimes trick, search engines to display their pages. Of course, today’s SEO is…

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