GAP Claims & Sales Tax: Challenges for Borrowers and Institution

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Keep GAP simple. In a total loss, GAP helps pay the difference between the primary insurer’s settlement and any outstanding loan balance. Insurers normally pay the Actual Cash Value (ACV) or Fair Market Value (FMV) of the vehicle the moment just prior to the incident. There, done. Why does this…

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7 Tips for Better Email Marketing (in 2022)

Email Marketing Tips Charts

Remember running to your mailbox as a kid, eager to find an envelope addressed to you? What could it be? A birthday card (I bet there’s cash from grandma!)? A letter from a friend (yes, that was a thing)? Maybe you even got to wave at your mail carrier. So…

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5 VSC Marketing Do’s & Don’ts

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Your Vehicle Service Contract (VSC) program helps reduce auto loan portfolio risk. It also protects borrowers while providing them with peace of mind. Are you marketing it to maximize those outcomes or unknowingly working against your own best efforts? First, let’s get on the same page. What we call a…

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