Does Indirect Lending Have a Future?

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When did your credit union launch its indirect auto lending program? Many large institutions began theirs in the 1990s. They weren’t without challenges. The sector experienced only moderate growth until 2012, when a major shift occurred. Major bank lenders, after suffering losses exaggerated by the impacts of the Great Recession,…

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Profit Sharing: What Your Credit Union NEEDS to Know

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Your CU is leaving money on the table! Why do you offer a range of insurance products? In our discussions with clients over the years, these are the normal answers: Offset CU risk Protect members Earn non-interest income Does this seem about right to you? In a classic situation, the…

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Credit Union Car Buying Services – Pros & Cons

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Car Shopping: Credit Union Members Do It That’s exceedingly obvious. Of course members shop for their cars! Only, where? If they’re anything like 95% of people, they go online. To car buying websites. And do those car buying services direct them to your credit union for loans? That’s a hard…

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