5 Ways Financial Institutions Can Acquire Small Business Clients

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What’s your take on the small business sector? Are they in need of your financial services? Is there a benefit to attracting them? A lukewarm response to these questions isn’t unusual. Many financial institutions see this segment as high-risk and costly to serve, with low growth potential. Is it true?…

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Paid Social Media Marketing for Financial Institution Growth

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Organic social media marketing is a valuable tool. Sometimes, it’s not enough. That’s where paid social media marketing can help you achieve your financial institution goals. Let’s talk about how they work together. Think about your social media strategies as a building. Organic is the structure, forming the walls, rooms,…

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Making Social Media Drive Business For Your Financial Institution

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You already have a social media presence at your bank or credit union. Great! How would you rate its effectiveness? More importantly, would you follow your own social media accounts? In previous articles, we introduced and discussed Inbound Marketing. To reiterate, increasing organic search traffic is your #1 goal. Turns…

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