Loan Participations: What Your Financial Institution Needs to Know

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Considering Loan Participations for your financial institution? Not sure what they even are? Want to learn the pros and cons? Curious about the process for setting them up? You’re in the right place. This article will give a basic introduction, review the possible perks and pitfalls, and cover what’s involved…

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Credit Insurance At Your Financial Institution (2022 Benefits & Advantages)

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Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. If 2020-onward taught us one thing, it should be that. Challenges for your institution and your borrowers can arise without warning. A loan offered today with all the due diligence imaginable might be tomorrow’s write-off. Sadly, one accident, health condition, or other malady can affect a person’s…

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What are the Costs of Value-Added Checking?

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Ok, so that’s not what you meant. Fair enough. It’s a great question which raises many others. A Subscription Checking program (another name for Value-Added Checking) is more than the monthly rate you decide to charge. Let’s dive in together to help you learn about the costs of Subscription (Value-Added)…

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