What is an Equipment Management System and Why Should You Care?

Cloud with Connections

Take a look around. Besides the computer, phone, or tablet you’re using, what kind of other physical tech keeps your financial institution running? If you’re working from home, it’s probably all somewhere else. And spread far and wide, right? The first impression is that you have lots of office equipment,…

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Auto Lending in a Post-COVID-19 World: Risks & A Free Gift

Computer on Desk - You're Special to Us

Digital transformation. It’s not a new idea. Industry leaders have been predicting its onset and pointing the way for years. Our own Credit Union Geek has articles going back to 2014 explaining why and how. Our company blog suggested the idea in 2012. In fact, one of our founders built…

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Are RFP’s Dead Yet? They Should Be. Here’s Why.

Compliance Checklist in Notebook

What is an RFP? RFP is the acronym for Request For Proposal. It’s a term heard often in connection with your vendor relationships. We’re on a mission to take them down. And by the end of this article, you’ll want to help. Take an adventure with us. Oh, here’s our…

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5 Ways Financial Institutions Can Acquire Small Business Clients

Coffee Shop Interior

What’s your take on the small business sector? Are they in need of your financial services? Is there a benefit to attracting them? A lukewarm response to these questions isn’t unusual. Many financial institutions see this segment as high-risk and costly to serve, with low growth potential. Is it true?…

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