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(Last Updated On: July 10, 2019)

Making Your CU’s VSC Program Shine!

Already have a Vehicle Service Contract product? Cool! Looking into launching one for the first time? Great, too! In our years of working with credit unions, each performs due diligence to ensure their programs currently (or will) meet stated objectives:

  • Is our VSC program exceeding goals and delivering the bottom line results we want?
  • Does our staff clearly understand what the benefits are (and are not) and able to fully explain to borrowers?

I’ll be honest. I’ve never sat down with a credit union executive where the answer to both of those questions was a resounding yes. That’s why, I’d wager, you’re here. Welcome.

Challenges of VSC

GAP is easy to explain. So are your other debt cancellation products. Vehicle Service Contracts can be tricky. To start, it costs more, which is always a hurdle. Then, it’s complicated. Is this covered? What about that? Who can do repairs? Are fluids included? And on and on.

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These challenges exist despite most of your borrowers having a real need for the product. Even then, coverage exclusions may exist, leading to (unintended) negative borrower experiences. All this and more is why we put together our article Choosing a Vehicle Service Contract Program for your CU (coming soon!). It will show you what to look for and ask a potential provider. That way, you can ensure your credit union adopts the best program for you and your members.

“We’re Definitely, Absolutely, Certainly the Best”

Once you begin looking at providers (you’re going to check a whole lot) and every one will have a slew of reasons why their solution is the best. Before discussing any, let’s step back and figure out what matters to you.

What challenges do you want to address?

  • Increase revenue
  • Reduce costs
  • Minimize institution risk
  • Ensure maximum borrower benefits
  • Ease of offering for staff

You may know precisely why you offer Vehicle Service Contracts. Maybe you’re still figuring it out. Either is fine. This focused approach will help you decide which provider might be the best fit, based on their specific expertise or focus.

Worried about tracking them all down individually? That wouldn’t be very nice of us to leave you high and dry like that! So, we put together this list of the Best VSC Providers for financial institutions like yours.

Keep in mind how you ranked the challenges and goals above (or others not mentioned) as you review your options from each provider. After consuming our own informational content, visit their websites directly to see which “checks all the necessary boxes”.

Yes, we offer a VSC solution

While our VSC solution through Frost Financial addresses all the listed challenges, we understand that it may not be a fit for your particular institution. No worries! It’s about finding the right solution for your institution and your borrowers.

It may seem odd that those of us here at GreenProfit Solutions share contact info for our competitors. Why wouldn’t we? You’d track them down anyway (at the expense of some wasted time). We’re here to help you save some time and energy, while acquiring honest insights.

Administrators & Distributors

The list is divided between those companies which offer and sell the service (Distributors) and those which develop and administer the plans (Administrators). Some of the Administrators also offer their plans directly to credit unions.

Here’s our compilation of the Best VSC Administrators and Distributors to the financial institution industry. We’ll start with the Administrators, since, without them, none of us would have any products to share! As usual, the order is random. Sorry “A” companies!

Vehicle Service Contract Administrators

IWS Group

Location: Boca Raton, FL

Founded: 1991


Auto Exam

Location: Houston, TX

Founded: 1992


Route 66

Location: Mountain Home, AR

Founded: 1999


Interstate National Dealer Services (INDS)

Location: Atlanta, GA

Founded: 1980


National Auto Care

Location: Westerville, OH

Founded: 1984


Assurant Group

Location: Miami, FL

Founded: 1892


The Warranty Group (Subsidiary of Assurant)

Location: Chicago, IL

Founded: 1964


Vehicle Service Contract Distributors


Location: San Antonio, TX

Founded: 1976


Administrator: Assurant Group? National Auto Care?

Allied Solutions LLC

Location: Carmel, IN.

Founded: 1978


Administrator(s): Route 66 Extended Warranty; Interstate National Dealer Services

CUNA Mutual Group (CMG)

Location: Madison, WI

Founded: 1935


Administrator: The Warranty Group

Frost Financial Services, Inc.

Location: Cincinnati, OH

Founded: 1972


Administrator(s): CU Certified Auto; Route 66 Extended Warranty, Auto Exam

Lee and Mason Financial Services

Location: Northville, NY

Founded: 1954


WNC Insurance Services

Location: South Pasadena, CA

Founded: 1962


Evans-Simpson & Associates

Location: Snellville, GA

Founded: 1976


HUB International

Location: Chicago, IL.

Founded: 1998


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