Best Credit Union Car Buying Services (2023)

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(Last Updated On: September 12, 2023)

Each year, we meet with dozens of credit unions nationally to discuss their selection of a car buying service. As a company, GreenProfit Solutions also manages relationships with many more.

I kid you not, we have been to some meetings where we’re introduced as “the car buying service guys.”. Hey, that’s not all we do! Give our Learning Library a spin! (And we also have some really cool products to discuss.)

Beyond our clients, credit union staff throughout the industry approach us for insights on “car buying & lending.” One of the common questions we get asked is:

“Besides the company you represent, what are some of the other car buying providers serving the credit union industry?”

For full transparency, we offer the TrueCar Car Buying Service. To us, it provides the ideal combination of credit union benefits and member ease of use.

Of course, we’re never ones to shy away from being blatantly honest with respect to our competition. Additionally, we want our client partners to be as informed as possible. So we are thrilled to introduce you to five others.

First, let’s distinguish between a real online car buying service and the older, “concierge”, car buying service.

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Concierge Service (or, Auto Advisor)

The original credit union car buying service. It depends on direct contact between interested members and an “auto advisor”. Let’s call it a “Traditional” car buying service.

A concierge may be provided by a 3rd party, but they are usually CU staff.


Since the work is done one-on-one, there might not even be a website. If there is, it’s typically just a description of services (ex. Helping you decide what car, finding inventory, negotiating a deal) and a contact form.

Area Served

Your concierge can only help in a limited geographic area. It might extend to branch footprint, or, if using a 3rd party, a few states or region.

More Information

If you want to learn more about concierge services, please read Concierge and Online Car Buying Service ComparisonAll website-based services, like what has existed for decades on the internet; they are also 100% of the providers on this list.

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Online Car Buying Service (or, what we’re talking about here)


They resemble, AutoTrader, Kelly Blue Book, and others. Visitors can use a range of search tools, find reviews, see photos, view option packages, and more. Some services even let the member find out if they’re getting a good deal on the car.

Area Served

All the services listed provide nationwide results, however, the number of vehicles available may vary widely.


The generic car research websites out there make money by partnering with dealers and financing providers.

All of the services listed below directs the members to the credit union’s financing, rather than some 3rd party partner. Isn’t it nice to know your members can do their research while staying close?


So who uses these sites? Nearly every one of your members. J.D. Powers found that over 96% of consumers start their car buying process online.

Best CU Car Buying Services

This list includes only Car Buying Services which have a strong track record partnering with credit unions.

Affinity Auto Programs

10251 Vista Sorrento Pkwy #300
San Diego, CA 92121

Established in 1995, Affinity Auto Programs powers private label car buying programs as well as the Costco Auto Program.

AutoSmart (CU Direct)

2855 E Guasti Rd #500
Ontario, CA 91761

CU Direct was established in 1994 and today focuses primarily on supporting their CUDL indirect lending services with their AutoSmart platform.

CarQuotes Corporation

250 Parkway Dr #150
Lincolnshire, IL 60069

A division of National Buyers Federation, Inc. which has been serving credit unions and various industries since 1979.


200 Motor Pkwy Ste B10
Hauppauge, NY 11788

Originally founded in 2000, and now a division of Fusion Auto Finance, GrooveCar continues its focus on auto buying platforms.

Member Auto Center

9601 Jones Rd
Houston, TX 77065

A service of CU Alliance LLC (CUSO) which has provided products to credit unions since 2000.

Before You Drive Off

Besides the organization we represent, TrueCar, these are the companies to consider if you’re looking to see what type of car buying service makes the most sense at your credit union. In our opinion, it is essential for your credit union to provide something, be it a concierge or a dedicated service.

You may want to check these resources to learn more:

Real Results

We work with credit unions on their car buying services, focused on growing lending and ancillary products. With a decade managing these services, we share tested insights during every chat. Curious to learn if an online car buying service is a fit for your credit union? We’re here to help!

Simply schedule a 15 minute chat at your convenience. Together, we will map a route forward for your institution. Yes, that’s a GPS reference. We can’t help it. But we can help you grow direct auto lending and keep members close!

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