5 Best Banking Industry Checking Providers

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(Last Updated On: September 21, 2021)

Do your checking accounts exceed goals and deliver the bottom line results you want? Do staff get excited just having the chance to mention checking options to prospective account holders?

Probably not. That’s why you’re here.

Checking in the banking industry is evolving. With a whole lot of service providers explaining why their solution is the best. Before discussing any, let’s step back and figure out what matters to you.

What are some challenges you want to address?

  • Increase revenue
  • Build loyalty & retention
  • Differentiate from competition
  • Acquire new accounts
  • Reduce costs

Perfect, because we have an answer for you. In fact, make it five! We compiled a list of the five best checking solution providers for financial institutions like yours.

Depending on how you rank the challenges above (or even discover unique ones we didn’t mention), our guide will help you decide which providers (and what kind of solution) makes the most sense for your institution.

Before we get to our guide, make sure you take a look at our “7 Ways to Increase Checking Account Revenue.” This is especially helpful if your goal is to grow through means other than NSF and OD fees.

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We also share some tips on addressing some of the other challenges, such as building loyalty and reducing costs. But, I digress…

While we believe our Subscription (Value-Added) Checking solution can address all the listed challenges, we understand you want to consider all available options.

It’s important to be confident in your options before developing an internal plan or choosing a new path for your checking accounts. Consider this your insurance against “buyer’s remorse”!

Here at GreenProfit Solutions, we believe you deserve honest insights to make the best choices for your institution.

So here’s our compilation of the five best checking solution providers to the financial institution industry. These providers specialize in either Subscription (Value-Added) Checking or Rewards Checking. We display them in no particular order:

5 of the Best Banking Industry Checking Solution Providers

1. StrategyCorps

2. The Sisk Company

3. NXG Strategies

4. Cyberscout

5. Kasasa


Location: Brentwood, TN

Year Founded: 2001

Website: www.strategycorps.com

Services: Value-added checking

  • Bazing® app: Local discounts, cell phone protection, roadside assistance
  • CheckingScore® analytics

Their “Bazing” mobile app was voted #1 Digital Banking Solution in the 2017 BankNews Innovative Solutions awards.

The Sisk Company

Location: Fort Worth, TX

Year Founded: 1970

Website: www.siskcompany.com

Services: Value-added checking

  • Identity Theft Protection & Resolution
  • Cell phone damage insurance
  • Local merchant, travel & entertainment discounts,
  • AD&D

NXG Strategies

Location: Franklin, TN

Year Founded: 2005

Website: https://www.nxgstrategies.com

Services: Value-added checking

  • NXG Protect® identity theft
  • NXG Breach® – business

NXG Strategies and Allied Solutions LLC have an ongoing partnership established in 2006.


Location: Scottsdale, AZ

Year Founded: 2003

Website: https://cyberscout.com

Services: Value-added checking

  • LifeStages® identity theft
  • DataRiskStages® – business
  • FraudScout® – ID monitoring

Besides working with financial institutions, Cyberscout® partners with 16 of the major 20 US companies.


Location: Austin, TX

Year Founded: 2003 (Originally BancVue)

Website: https://www.kasasa.com

Services: Rewards Checking

  • Kasasa Cash®
  • Kasasa Cash Back®
  • Kasasa Tunes®
  • Kasasa Saver®

Kasasa®  is the most popular 3rd party rewards checking program serving community banks and credit unions.  According to Nerdwallet: “Kasasa offers one of the best checking and savings packages in the nation”.

Final Words & Further Reading

GreenProfit Solutions represents the Club Checking program from EconoCheck. It’s a Value-Added/Subscription checking platform currently serving over 600 banks and credit unions.

Now you’re armed with the best banking industry checking providers nationwide! With this information, consider the challenges your institution is facing, and match the services/providers your institution requires. It’s all about finding the best fit that makes sense for you.

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